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  The MMAGIX™ Multiprocessor Supercomputer Chip

"Modernista Technologia pro Omnibus - Revolutionary Technology for All."

Issued Patents:

United States of America: US 7,971,030 B2 June 28, 2011; US 8,504,808 B2 August 6, 2013; US 9,504,808 B2 July 25, 2017.

United Kingdom: 1543418 31 August 2016. Germany: 60348680.0 31 August 2016.

The information on this site is as of 2012 with the addition above of the issued US, UK and Germany Patents.

MMAGIX is Green Technology! MMAGIX obsoletes other high end processor technologies, which are power inefficient and have hit thermal limits. How can they sleep while their chips are melting?

Albert Einstein said: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them!"

At MMAGIX we've done more than just "Think outside the box". We've rethought the box.

We have the Technology!

MMAGIX Technology is "The Next Big Thing" in the Telecommunications-centric 21st Century Computer Science & Technology with its multiple major innovations in silicon cost efficient architecture, instruction set and design of a 32, 64 or 128 bit Mainframe Supercomputer on a chip.

MMAGIX Technology Limited has major new comprehensive US & EU Patents now issued, prepared and filed by one of the world's most pre-eminent Intellectual Property Law Firms in New York, with well over a phenomenal 1600 claims and with applications filed to preserve patent rights internationally, covering a broad range of efficiency breakthroughs in the field of multiprocessor supercomputer silicon chip technology, known as "The MMAGIX Technology".

A multiprocessor is not just a multicore of uniprocessors, but an integrated area saving architecture designed from first principles.

The MMAGIX 32, 64 or 128 bit Multiprocessor Supercomputer Chip is the Heart of the MMAGIX Multiprocessor Supercomputer Technology Revolution that will bring about True Digital Convergence between the worlds of Computers, Studio Quality Multimedia and Telecommunications.

The MMAGIX Multimedia Supercomputer is a flexible system for Multimedia, Telecommunications, Military, Aerospace, Medical and Industrial computer applications. A broad range of portable Linux, BSD and Android software is already available and growing fast.

MMAGIX has efficient multiprocessing power, superconnectivity, digital convergence and encryption capabilities for the 21st Century.

MMAGIX will revolutionize the Global Telecommunications, Military/Aerospace, Industrial, Medical, Maritime/Automotive, Commercial and Consumer Computer Electronics Industries.

MMAGIX Multiprocessor IP cores will be available for licensing in FPGAs, eASICs and embedded system chips.

MMAGIX Technology renders all Uniprocessors and Multicores obsolete.

There is no other multiprocessor technology comparable to MMAGIX.


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