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Megasoft Pty Ltd has extensive experience in high level advanced technologies such as microprocessors, DSP, PLD, FPGA and ASIC.

Megasoft Pty Ltd debugged Australian Defence Industries' cellular telephone exchange system hardware when other engineers had failed to isolate the faults that caused system crashes in the field.

Megasoft Pty Ltd designed The Southern Group's patented multitrack digital recording system, installed in prestigious locations in over 35 countries around the world including the UK High Court in London and the Californian Superior Courts.

Megasoft Pty Ltd was engaged by Australia's premier telecommunications giant Telstra to troubleshoot their telephone exchange control system.


The Megasoft Team has implemented many hardware & software projects at the cutting edge of High Technology as well as having extensive and broad experience in Industrial projects.

Megasoft Pty Ltd was given this plaque for Commissioning Engineering of the PLCs and electrical systems on all the stations of the Perth Northern Suburbs Railway, completed on time and on budget in 1992.

Megasoft Pty Ltd designed and programmed the real time multitasking software for Miri Technologies' AD2000 series PLCs, which combine a powerful Programmable Logic Controller with many telecommunications interfaces and protocols, from VHF/UHF radio and GSM/GPRS cellphone to Iridium satellite.

Megasoft Pty Ltd has expanded its engineering team and is ready to undertake major Industrial projects around the world.

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