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Company Profile

Our team is a high calibre group of hardware and software engineers and managers, whose backgrounds are in pre-eminent Australian, British, American and Taiwanese computer and electronic engineering companies involved in the design, manufacturing and consultancy of High Tech and Industrial Hardware and Software.

Our team's skills, motivation and innovative approach deliver a highly unique and powerful synergy.

Megasoft Pty Ltd (founded by Daniel O'Sullivan and incorporated in 1983), has provided consultant engineering services to some of Australia's largest corporations including Telstra and Australian Defence Industries.

In its long history of service and innovation, Megasoft Pty Ltd has delivered best-practice consultancy to many major and minor companies around Australia including Alcoa, Wapet, Radio 6PR, N.T. Water Corporation, Darwin Hospital, Randata, Magellan Corporation, 2M Corporation, Jaques Electronics, Posactive, Intec, Telstra, Westrail, Southern Group, Starcolt Enterprises, EMS, Australian Defence Industries and Miri Technologies.

We were engaged by Australia's premier telecommunications giant Telstra to troubleshoot their telephone exchange control system.

We debugged Australian Defence Industries' cellular telephone exchange product that was failing in the field, when other consultant engineers had failed to isolate the faults.

Daniel O'Sullivan has extensive background, including granted patents, in the design of professional digital recording systems that have been installed in prestigious locations all over the world, including the UK High Court in London and the Californian Superior Courts.

Our Senior Hardware Engineer, David Brooks, has numerous patents granted in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology together with extensive semiconductor design experience.

David recently designed a major subsystem for an OC48 ATM switch chipset. When fabricated, this design worked first time.

Daniel and David have also a joint patent granted in the field of microprocessor architecture.

Our Senior Software Engineer, Kuo-Chung Hung, headed a team that computerized the Chinatimes newspaper group.

Our programmers, Mark Kingham and Joe Italiano, have extensive experience in real time multitasking operating systems, industrial control systems, telecommunications and telemetry.

Our CEO, Christopher Joseph, has extensive entrepreneurial experience in international trade and negotiations, venture capital packaging and innovative internet technology development in interactive real time video streaming.

If you want innovative and reliable technology, we have the team and the know-how to deliver it.

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