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Megasoft Pty Ltd Team Mini-Resumes

RIGHT (front to back)
Daniel O'Sullivan B.E. (Chief Engineer)
Mark Kingham M.Sc. (Programmer)
Joe Italiano (Programmer)

Christopher Joseph
Chief Executive Officer of Megasoft Pty Ltd.

After graduating from Christian Brothers' College, Perth, Western Australia, Chris travelled extensively in his father's United Nations diplomatic entourage, learning UN procedure during the establishment of the UN Economic Commission for Western Asia (ECWA). Chris then entered The City University of New York to study Political Science/Law and Business Administration.

Chris has extensive experience in international trade and negotiations at Heads of Government level.

His unique entrepreneurial management style enables him to draw out the best of individual people's talents in a tightly focussed professional team to create and produce major outcomes on time and on budget.

Since Chris was appointed CEO, Megasoft Pty Ltd has grown to a managed team of Australia, Britain, USA and Taiwan's best electronics and computer engineers, hardware and software. Chris is currently managing the development of a multiprocessor supercomputer silicon chip technology.

Daniel O'Sullivan B.E.
Founder and Chief Engineer of Megasoft Pty Ltd.

After graduating from Christ Church Grammar School second in the state with a University Exhibition, Daniel attended the University of Western Australia on a Commonwealth Scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) degree. He has since taken postgraduate courses in VLSI Silicon Chip Design and AS3563 Quality Assurance. Daniel has several patents to his credit in the fields of digital audio recording and silicon chip design.

Prior to founding Megasoft Pty Ltd, Daniel worked in the mining industry (in W.A. and the N.T.) for which he designed, manufactured and programmed a highly ruggedized desktop computer, the Centaur 2000, before the IBM PC dominated the market. He was on the Computer Science Curriculum Committee of Darwin Community College, preparinging it to transition to a University.

Daniel's experience for many clients around Australia ranges across most fields of electronics and computers, involving R&D, design, manufacturing, programming and troubleshooting, hardware and software, high technology and industrial, with technologies including mainframe computers, minicomputers, microcomputers, PLCs, DSPs, PLDs, FPGAs, audio, video, telecommunications, encryption/decryption, VLSI silicon chip design and real time multitasking systems software. Multitrack digital recording equipment designed by Daniel has been installed in prestigious locations around the world, including the UK High Court in London and the Californian Superior Courts. Daniel is currently implementing a multiprocessor supercomputer silicon chip and a state of the art digital audio mixer/recorder.

David Brooks M.E.Sc.
Senior Hardware Engineer at Megasoft Pty Ltd.

David graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Electronic Engineering) from University College of North Wales, Bangor. David later received a Master of Engineering Science degree by thesis from the University of Western Australia for research into RF Identification systems. This work resulted in the granting of 9 Australian patents.

Before the IBM PC became available, David designed two computers. One was built from basic logic as a home-built project, the other using a Z80 microprocessor was marketed as the "Index 2000". His work in the digital electronics industry has focussed on digital design for embedded systems. This covers both hardware (including FPGA/ASIC) and embedded software, at the low (close to hardware) levels. He recently designed a major subsystem for an ATM switch chip, supporting an OC48 data stream (2.4Gb/s).

Kuo-Chung Hung B.E. ("Oliver")
Senior Software Engineer at Megasoft Pty Ltd.

Oliver graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) degree from the National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional and has Certificates in spoken and written English from Central TAFE, Western Australia.

Oliver has been responsible, both in teams and leading teams in Taiwan and Australia, for the development of major newspaper and multimedia publishing systems, from entire suites of object oriented application software and Chinese language websites to the technology of nonstop failsafe real time multitasking systems. Oliver computerized The Chinatimes newspaper, developing the Full Page Composition System, News Article Database, Retrieval and Flow Control Systems, News Article System, Low/High Resolution Image Flow Control and Transmitting Systems, Classified Advertisement Editing System, Stock Exchange Information Linking Gateway and the Reporter Help Desk. Oliver has developed systems for real time news broadcast, Web publishing and telecommunications, including mobile phone internet.

Mark Kingham M.Sc
Software Programmer at Megasoft Pty Ltd.

Mark graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Information Science) degree and then a Master of Science (Computer Science) degree from Edith Cowan University. Mark's research in Artificial Intelligence led to a number of papers and articles being published in Journals throughout the world. Mark's thesis, "An Adaptive Hierarchical Fuzzy Logic System for Modeling and Prediction of Financial Systems", looked at a novel approach to reducing the Fuzzy Knowledge Base size using a hierarchical system where the rules were learnt by the use or genetic algorithms.

Mark has worked as a programmer for Australian and International companies on a number of projects in the mining, transport, telemetry and engineering areas, including trunking radio base stations, mobiles and PABX systems. He has skills with DCOM, COM, ActiveX, DLL's, ODBC, SQL and communications protocols. He has implemented systems with Microsoft Windows, Windows CE, Pocket PC 2003 and other user interfaces and has written a number of programs involving database connectivity using ODBC, SQL and other database protocols. Mark has implemented on OPC server (Ole for Process Control) for a client's proprietary hardware using the Iconics toolkit. This has used DA (Data Access) and HDA (Historical Data Access), allowing computers on a network or internet to access the data on the hardware in a standard form.

Joe Italiano
Software Programmer at Megasoft Pty Ltd.

After graduating from Christian Brothers' College, Leederville, Western Australia, Joe gained a Diploma in Computer Programming at Mount Lawley Technical College. Joe was also for a long term a City of Fremantle Councillor.

Joe worked with Intellect Australia on their secure encryption devices for the financial sector and headed a software team of developers to provide solutions to Intellect customers such as Westpac, ANZ, IBM, NCR, Hong Kong & Shangai Bank and other international banks. With ERG, Joe worked on ticketing projects such as Rome, Hong Kong and Melbourne Transport. Joe was responsible for implementing the many communications protocols on the Miri Telemetry AD2000 system where he headed the software development group.


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