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Company Profile

MMAGIX Technology Limited is at the cutting edge of multimedia multiprocessor supercomputer silicon chip technology R&D and design.

MMAGIX™ Multimedia Multiprocessor Supercomputer silicon chip technology will transform multimedia, information and telecommunication technologies in the 21st century.

We are innovators, dedicated researchers, skilled practitioners and visionaries.

Our skills, motivation and innovative approach delivers a highly unique and powerful synergy.

Daniel O'Sullivan and Christopher Joseph's wholly owned company, Megasoft Pty Ltd (founded by Daniel O'Sullivan and incorporated in 1983), has provided consultant engineering services to some of Australia's largest corporations including Telstra and Australian Defence Industries and is the designated development company for the MMAGIX Technology.

In Megasoft Pty Ltd's long history of service and innovation, it has delivered best-practice consultancy to many major and minor companies around Australia including Alcoa, Wapet, Radio 6PR, N.T. Water Corporation, Darwin Hospital, Randata, Magellan Corporation, 2M Corporation, Jaques Electronics, Posactive, Intec, Telstra, Westrail, Southern Group, Starcolt Enterprises, EMS, Australian Defence Industries and Miri Technologies.


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